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In the crack of dawn, a fire crackles in the brewery of Georg Höhn. A fire that promises pure pleasure. Tons of firewood he needs to heat his brew bowl to the correct temperature. Finally, here will be created a very special beer: The “Görchla” beer named after the brewmaster himself.

Brewing day, that is very special for the host from Memmelsdorf:

Only once a month he allows himself this pleasure.

As such, it provides Georg Höhn – even if the work in the small historic brewery is mainly a: sweaty. But at the latest when the malt bags come, it begins to itch the in the brew masters fingers. „For me brewing is more or less a day when I am for myself and alone with my thoughts.So I will make no phone call and ever: This is my day!“ he says. His recipe is without any frills, the production methods is traditional.

The “Görchla” assortment

Everything began 2004 as we poured our homemade beer into bottles, that only gushed from the tap of our inn, yet. Now many gourmets and supporters of our homemade beer have the possibility to take it home or give it away to friends and neighbours.

The “Görchla” assortment

An old tradition is respected

For his naturally cloudy “Görchla” beer he needs 600 kilos of barley and 25 kilos Caramünch – a type of malt that makes amber beer. The cereal he kibbles himself – just like the old craft tradition wants it to. Between mash tun and brew kettle Georg Höhn device finally a sweat then: Everything revolves around the right temperature, the precise mixing ratios and precise amounts of water.

But the effort is worth it – and met the brewer with pride. “That’s the difference in our small breweries: It is still pure craftsmanship! In the big breweries they stay there with their white coats in the brewhouse, press once on the button and then brew goes itself” says Georg Höhn.

For him, such a manufacturing method is of the question – after all, he has discovered a passion for the “Görchla” Beer early: Already the age of five he was in the brewery with his father Willi – and is now producing the beer in its seventh generation. The home-brewed beer can, however, not as easy buy the beverage shop next door: The “Görchla” beer is only available in the inn of family Höhn. Since 1783 nothing has changed. After a week of maturation, it takes six to eight weeks until it is finished, the “Görchla”. Then the guest can enjoy it – in different forms: as a cool refreshment in the glass, as well as the main ingredient of a delicious sauce for steak.


Georg Höhn

Visit of Bavarian television

The consignment La Vita takes a look behind the scenes of our BREWING FACTORY and shows how our “Görchla” is brewed using traditional methods.

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The dining room of our comfortable and cozy furnished restaurant can seat up to 80 people. Through the large windows, the dining room is flooded with light and highlight the lovingly decorated tables in the right light. Our kitchen sometimes is frankish and down to earth, and sometimes modern and sophisticated, with fresh products from Bamberg and the region. For mobile working on a laptop, there is free WiFi available.

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