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A Franconian tradition

In the beer garden you can sit nicely shaded. There is a cool refreshment in the glass, but also a delicious homemade snack.

Worldwide unique is the tradition of franconian beer cellar – comfort and tradition. Before the age of modern cooling systems our beer barrels were kept and stored cool in a beer cellar, which is located in a hill in the village. Each barrel of beer had to be taken with a cart to our inn in the valley of the village. Because this was a very hard work, one of our ancestors came up with the idea to set up a few benches in the beer cellar, which was beaten as a gantry in the mountain, and serve beer there directly.
Snacks were prepared in a small house. From these small beginnings there become a real cellar operation, on that the beer and the accompanying bread time is spent today. According to old franconian custom, the own snacks may also be brought. Of course you can also buy delicious snacks and a daily changing hot dish directly in the „Kellerhäusla“. In the beer garden you can sit nicely shaded under very old trees. Due to this centuries-old trees, our beer cellar in 1995 was designated as a natural monument.

Our courtyard garden is open
when it is warm from Wednesday – Monday to max. 23.00 o’clock.
We ask you to accept this out of consideration for our guests.

Impressions from our beer cellar

Der Bierkeller in Memmelsdorf
Der Bierkeller in Memmelsdorf
Der Bierkeller in Memmelsdorf

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