225 years of tradition and family ownership

Permit, to introduce ourselves:

Our chronicle and present developments

We, Georg and Birgit Höhn, got overwritten the brewery inn as we were young parents in 1989 by Willy and Adelheid Höhn. Now we are the 7th generation in this family business.

The first years after the handover was marked by both generations. On the one hand our parents wanted the economy perform as it has always been, on the other hand we – the young – wanted to develop our own style and offer something new. Thats because more and more things got changed after the takeover without the good old traditions negligible.

It is always our endeavor to adapt supply the growing demands of our guests. With a lot of joy and fun we have always developed new ideas.

Currently, the 8th generation prepares for a successful continuation:

Our son Sebastian got the art of refined cuisine from the star chef Alexander Hermann and expanded his knowledge in top kitchens near Stuttgart and Würzburg. From September 2011 – July 2013, he qualified for brewers and maltsters in the family-run brewery Düll in Krautheim in Lower Franconia, which he completed with honors. In between he already was on the domestic hearth and let a new dish or dessert be known in our daily offer. After his examination, he focused entirely on our family business and supported our cooks in the incorporation of the new kitchen appliances. From September 2013 Sebastian cooked in a prestigious house on the lake „Achensee“ with excellent cuisine for 7 months. He also advanced his cooking skills there before he went to school again in September 2014 and took off his kitchen master exam at the IHK Koblenz in January 2015. Now even our son has arrived in our family business and takes in the position of the kitchen chef the load from our shoulders.

Daughter Lisa collected as a qualified hotel manageress already 1 1/2 years experience in the first-class service and and the reception in Austria’s top hotels and depth five months her Englisch skills in a London Relais / Chateaux hotel. From September 2010 to July 2012 she solved the further education to hotel manager at the hotel school in Pegnitz with great success. Since August 2012 Lisa is at home and reinforce our team of employees in all areas to know the own company from scratch. Many small decisions are already made of her and it will be – as with every new generation – introduced something new. However, the major changes are discussed together.

As a family inn we go a good and safe way and are looking forward to the future.

Familie Höhn

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a pleasant stay in our house.
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Our employees

Of course our brewery inn can only exist because we can count on such great employees. The waiters care in a charming way of the contact with the guests and are constantly working on their welfare. Our kitchen team offers culinary delights – times franconian down to earth, times for modern gourmets. The “professionals” among employees also attend successfully to the education of our young cooks and hotel manageress. And of course there are the good spirits in the background, which ensure functioning technology and cleanliness in all rooms.

Gasthof Höhn Mitarbeiter

We care about tradition – the family Hoehn through the ages

Our chronicle

1989 – 7th generation

handover of the entire attendance to son Georg.

1951 – 6th generation

the oldest son Willy inherited the property. Together with his wife Adelheid they abandoned the agriculture and enlarged the small operation gradually.

1920 – 5th generation

its son Johann and his wife Anna took over the brewery inn Höhn and the associated agriculture.

1877 – 4th generation

the paternal property changed over to son Johann Höhn for 1714 Deutsche Mark and 29 Pfenning.

1842 – 3rd generation

Andreas Höhn received brewery and inn from his father and called it „Old Moonlight“ (hence the appearance of crescent in our house emblem).

1811 – 2nd generation

the 4th son named Georg took over the parental possession as „brewer to Moonlight“ (it would be interesting to know how it came to this somewhat cryptic naming).

1783 – 1st generation

Jeremias Höhn bought the double mansion main road 11 and 13 from brewery Keesmann for 1180 Florint and made it inn and brewery.

Staying in the Franconia Memmelsdorf

We look forward to seeing you
and wish you a pleasant stay in our house.